Marriage advice

Who should you marry? 

When should be good? 

If you want to be good at English, you need to learn English a lot and every day by using it and for years and your English will become good. 

Likewise, to get married is also another subject that you need to learn for years in order to be a master of it. However, there is rarely a school or teacher who can teach us on this subject. But traditionally, we learn this subject from our parents and sometimes they are not good teachers because themselves having issues in this marriage. 

My advice is trying to learn from many people (mentors) who had the happy family and read more books on this subject. And spend years in applying the knowledge into real life (take actions) and be careful not to get married quickly. Too quick to get married is not good. It is better to know each other for 3 to 4 years to learn from each other and to find out that we really can truly live together. 

Getting a marriage is a subject like many subjects at school. So one should need to learn before deciding to get married. It is fine if you choose the right person. But it is risky and painful if you choose the supposed to be right person but it turned out to be different! 


Good Luck! 




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