Top 10 Rules for Success for Bill Gate

1. Have energy

The most two precious things in life are time and energy. You never get back every minute that past. To be fully energetic, we need a good sleep. Having enough sleep is so important. Eight hours of sleep is recommended but not all of us need that. You are unique and differences make us beautiful. Some people just 4-hour sleep, which is enough. Therefore, you need to know yourself.

To be energetic, you need to have good meals, healthy food and nutritious. People are so emotional. Yes, we are the emotional creature. You are also so emotional regarding choosing the food to eat. Between water and orange juice, which one do you choose? I might prefer orange juice. Because water is tasteless but orange juice gives you the great feeling of sweet. Between getting up and taking exercise and sleeping a little more, which one will you choose? Of course, this might be sleeping a little more, because it gives you pleasure. But think about the consequences that your emotional activities can produce. Then, please only consume healthy food, organic vegetables, eat light food, eat salad, eat more fruit, eliminate sugar or salt and white powder of the cake. Those three white powder will make you sick and premature death.

To be energetic, you need to take exercise regularly. You are the moving creature “ACTION”. You will die fast if you sit too long on the chair or couch. Be active. Work hard, play hard, and rest well. The ultimate goal of our life is to live a happy life. What is the point to live with diseases and waiting for the day to die. You never feel happy if you are sick. Be active and taking action most of the time.   

  1. Have a BAD influence

Bill Gates dropped out of college and became successful in business. That is called bad influence to graduate if he is asked to speak at the orientation, most of the students will leave school. Gates is an exception. If other students followed his advice by dropping out of school and start a business, they will be broke.

First, you need to know your field. Work to get experiences inside out. Build your network and reputation from low-level job to the highest position with high salary and until the highest. Then, you can think about getting your own business.   

  1. Work hard


Work all the time you work. If it is the time to work, have fun later. If your friends called to have the chitchat, say to them thanks for inviting me but now I need to get to work. To be productive, you need to fully concentrate hundred percent.

Work hard and work smart. Before going to bed, list the top three things that are the most important tasks that you need to complete the next morning. By doing that, we can save 50 percent of our times in doing the work. By listing the priority tasks to do the next morning, you will be more productive and work so hard in the day.

  1. Create the future


Have a vision. Everything is possible. Taking small steps to get to your vision. By having the vision, it makes you so exciting and wakes up early in the morning to energetic to do your work without tiredness. Ask yourself, what if you have an excellent company, or the great body, or happy family and health, what does it look like? List all the possible answers to the questions. It can be a great body, fit, no belly, great product, and service, taking care of family, having the holiday with family once per month, having a wonderful villa with swimming pool etc. Therefore, we need to have a clear vision of our own to be excited to live a fulfillment of our lives. Live to the fullness.

  1. Enjoy what you do


To be a happy life, you need to enjoy what you are doing. If you like writing, write every day. If you like the dog, raise some pets and go for a walk with them every evening or in your free times. Do what you love and try to monetize (make money from it) by adding more value to people who are fans and also like what you are doing as well.

What are you good at? Ask yourself and try to figure out what you do love to do and enjoy doing it every day. Put your smiles on your face.

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