To be happy

To be happy, we need to adopt a philosophy of gratitude, which means thanks for having something at the moment. It can be you have a good eye that can see a beautiful sunny day or it can be you have a nice bicycle that you can ride to work every day. It is called being grateful.

To be happy in life, we also need to help others. Many people caught in the trap of being rich and end up with not being happy at all. Don’t chase the money, but try to add more value to other people lives. If you can help other people even a small thing, please do it. Helping other people does not necessarily means you need to give money. Help can be your time, energy, and heart. You can help teach the orphanage if they cannot get the education as other children do. You can help build their community, plant crops, teaching how to live in a clean way.

To be happy, we need to forget about the past. Everyone is so good at remembering the past, especially the bad ones. They are the day that you were betrayed or blamed unjustly. The time that we graduated and no relative coming to congratulate and so on. To be happy we don’t need to “cry over the spilled milk”. Let it go.

To be happy we need to forgive others. Nobody is perfect. You and I also made mistakes in lives and you need to learn from them and don’t repeat them again. Forgive all the bad persons that we encountered and forgive them but never let those people in our lives again. Forgiving does not mean we allowed those things to happen in our lives again. But, those that already happened just forget about it and let it go, just a lesson or two.

To be happy we need to live in harmony with other and the environment. How the lives are without water, trees, air, heat from the sun. You and I will perish without those supporting systems. You and I need to take care of our earth, soil, water, mountains, trees, animals, air, etc. Thanks for the mother earth who help protect us and give us beautiful lives to live on this planet.

To be happy, we need to take care of our health. We can see the beauty of our sun in the early morning and sunset in the evening. With wellbeing, you and I are even happy. Imagine, we are sick in the bed and cannot go outside to see those beautiful sunsets and sunrises. How happy we are if we can walk properly and our eyes are brightly healthy and our body is in good condition. We are so blessed that our body and mind are in the great state. To be happy we need to take care of our eyes, arms, legs, neck, head, brain, back and so on. Today, please be happy with the wonderful state of mind that keep you and I moving.

To be happy we need to have positive thinking. Say “yes” for the opportunity and find the way to do it later. Say “yes” to any obstacles that confront us and don’t say “why me” but say “try me”. Barriers in lives are the test. The success comes from the grinds in our lives. The harder we experience, the better results we will get in the future. Therefore be optimistic and enjoy the journey of lives.





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