The Top 10 Rules for Successes of Zuckerberge

The Top 10 Rules for Success

Everyone wants to be successful in life, love, relationship, wealth, and happiness. But not everybody gets that. Some get some of them but cannot get all of. Is it a tradeoff? No, many people already achieved that. Success leaves clues or trail. If you follow the rules and principle or path that those successful people walked, you will achieve the same results as they did. In this summary of the top 10 rules for successes, I am collecting from the Youtube Channel of Evan and tried to learn and compiled it into this book summary of the great people on earth.

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He launched Facebook from his Harvard University dormitory room. Facebook expanded rapidly, reaching one billion users by 2012. He currently operates as Facebook’s chairman and chief executive officer. He receives a one-dollar salary as CEO of Facebook. He launched the project in late August 2013. A movie based on him and the founding years of Facebook, The Social Network was released in 2010. He also signed The Giving Pledge. His net worth is estimated to be US$71.5 billion as of September 2017. He was ranked by Forbes as the fifth richest person in the world. On May 28, 2017, he received an honorary degree from Harvard.

Here are his top 10 rules for successes:

1. Just start!

If you have great ideas but cannot take actions to start, ideas is useless. Ideas are power only when it is executed. With the action of getting started, nothing will happen.

2.  Take risks

Everything has the risk. You are traveling on the bus to school, there is a small probability of getting an accidence. Even you stay at home, there is also a probability of getting accidence if something falls over your head. We never know. There everything is a risk. It is just about small or big risk. Therefore, if you believe in something, please do not fear to take the risk, or your life will never change at all.

3. Keep on going

Continuing without stopping or be consistency is the key to successes. If you are so tired and want to quit doing what at the beginning you were so excited to do, then you will never reach your goal. Pursuing without stopping, taking the small step every day toward your goal is the key to getting what you want. There is only you who can stop yourself. No one in the world can ban you from doing what you really like to do. You must be a keep-on-going person to be successful.

4. Be prepared to be misunderstood

Be prepared all the times are the key to greatness. Before you make a presentation, how many times that you rehearsed, at least 5 times. Preparation is the father of greatness and achievement. Without preparation, your life and business and other parts of your life will be messy and cannot reach the peak of your goal. Be prepared all the time and practice all the time. To be great, one needs to be prepared and prepared and prepared.

5. Have heroes


We need to have our role model or mentor. You don’t need to meet him or her in person or every day in person. You can read their books, listen to their tape, teaching or be advising people who want to be successful. Listen one time cannot absorb all the information that they want to convey. Listen to the tape more than 5 times, then we can 50 percent absorb the content in the lesson that they taught. Having a mentor or hero is so crucial in our life. Remember, when you were a kid, your parents were your mentors. They help you walk, talk, and teach you how to think. When you become the adult, your parents give all the rights to you to decide by yourself. But if we do something new like running the business or working on the new subject that you never know before, it is a good idea to have a mentor who guides us along the way to get the results as the mentors did.

6. Deliver value


Providing value is the key to success and financial success. Never chase the money, but try to add more value to our customers or clients that support your activities or business. When you can serve your clients by providing better value than others, the money will follow you. Many people want to get money in doing business. Money is important but it should never be the first priority, The number one priority should be providing more value to our supporters or fans.

7. Work in a team


Having a team is crucial for success as a business. Having the team who share the same philosophy and ideas or goal and vision, the team will move up to greatness and success. You need people to help to build the great empire of our business or nation and society. Without supports and team, we may stay the same and weak. You need a great team to go the farther distance in life.

  1. Believe in your mission

Believe is a great word that I put in my head all the times, when facing something difficult and want to quit. Just believe that everything will be alright. All the obstacles will go away sooner or later. Behind the black cloud, there is always a sunny day. There will be ways to solve all the problems in lives. Therefore, just believe that you make it.

  1. Help others find their purpose


Help your supporter achieve their dream will make you more successful. Success creates success. Success breeds success. Once you are successful in doing something, this experience will teach you that you can succeed in other tasks as well, it is just about times, and ways to get there. Therefore, if we can help other people achieve their goals, the part of you also in other people mission. If they succeed, your part in theirs also succeed.

  1. Remember where you started

Don’t forget where you are from. Be grateful for those who help you. Be grateful for any persons who support you so far. It can be your friends, your parents, your spouse. The poor places that you began your journey until your success. Always remember where you are from and be mild or gentle to everyone, do not be boastful.

* Have the freedom to fail

Try to do anything without fear. Do what you fear.

* Connect the world

Try to connect yourself to the world through social media. Let the world hear your voice.

* Be nice to people

Be kind and gentle to people around you. The more you are kind and love yourself, the more people around you will like you and want to work with you. The more you like yourself, the better you work, and the more people will love you and want to help you.

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