What is your life purpose?

In every day of our lives, we get up, work, and go to bed. It is so mundane and boring if we are doing something we do not like to do. Therefore, we need to find something we really want to do in our lives.

In order to find out what we really want to do in our lives is to ask a question “what kind of value that we can provide to our family, community, and society?”, “what is one thing that we love to do and we never get bored of, we are so inspired by every time that we think about it, it is so inspired”. For me, that one word is “never give up”.

Since I finished high school from the isolated province in Cambodia, I really wanted to study abroad and took exams for 3 times, but unfortunately, I never passed due to my English ability and my sciences subjects were so poor. But I kept trying taking exams to get the scholarship. Finally, I got it. Then, I realized that nothing is impossible. Everything is possible as long as we keep walking toward it. Think about it, plan it and confidently take action to achieve it.

Believe it and never give up.

My ebook on passing the scholarship to study in Japan.

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