As I have lived in Japan for more than 2 years, I have observed that Japanese people have good habits and good way of thinking as the following:

  1. They serve their customers the best. When they do their work, they are full of responsibility and commit to do it their best. They really respect their job and they care their customers. They have great hospitality, perhaps they got training a lot before starting the careers.
  2. They respect the time. Being punctual is one of the quality of Japanese people. They know that being on time is so crucial because time means life. Waste the times means waste the life. In business, if you are late for the first meeting, you are not respected and considered to be not reliable, nobody will hire or join with you anymore.
  3. Cooperation, Japanese people are so cooperative, (most of them). Once there is an earthquake hitting in Kumamoto Prefecture, the Southern part of Japan in Kyushu area, there are a lot of volunteers from all across Japan to go to support the victims who were hit by the earthquake and now living in the temporary shelters.
  4. Waiting with discipline and patience: One time I am trying to eat the Tenpura, fried vegetable and seafood, the restaurants are packed with customers. As the result, they need to wait for their turns. Some customers wait for an hour or so. There are waiting seats in a circle and people are eating in the front with chefs serving the food, and the waiting persons are behind like first customers eating and other customers watching other people eating in the same room. This is amazing that people are so patient to wait to get the delicious food. They can wait to get the most delicious food and it is better than eating the average food and waste the money. It is a good lesson in life. Japanese people are a model of waiting, queuing for the bus and train, etc.
  5. Japanese people are honest and consider the company’s stuff as their own. They take care of the company’s stuff they are working for. They are using chairs, computer, and others carefully and responsibly.
  6. Japanese people have strong willpower. They always tell themselves that “Ganbaro” meaning that “Try our best” when they start doing something as a team or individual. One more example is Japanese people are never giving up with nature, especially typhoon, tsunami, earthquake. For Japanese people, those natural disasters have made them stronger and more developed and being smarter. That is why they have created various more high-tech equipment to cope those natural challenges.

And those are the things I observed and learnt in Japan.

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