Sometimes, we have our goals and we wrote some action plan to achieve those goals, but most of the time we end up with delaying and not taking any action and make all the excuses to postpone. This begins an ‘some day I’ll’ but never do it at all.

Therefore in order to be alert all the times, there are some strategies that we can employ, which will summarize as the following:

  1. Whenever, we feel tired or lousy, in order to wake up our mind to be energetic again, please stand up and smile, clap our hand, taking a deep breath and say that “I love myself”, “I can do it”, “I can make it”, “after doing this, I will get 1 million dollars in the bank”, “I will make my dream come true”, I “I will make my parents proud of me”, “I will show that I can create my own destiny by creating my own future” and responded to their previous saying that “you cannot do it” and replace it with “see, I can do it and here is my result”. You can see my work, my books, my good environment organization and my great team” we can grow successfully. See I am so proud of myself. If I don’t do it, people around me will laugh at me and how painful I will be. Therefore I need to wake up and stay alert to be a strong and motivational person by myself.
  2. Stand up and take exercises for a few minutes and smile to yourself and say “I can do it”, “I am genious and awesome”. If I already won the scholarship, I all can become whatever I want to be in the future, a businessman, a politician, professor having Nobel price.
  3. Recall the past happiest memories you had, for example, you won the overseas scholarship, you stood on the stage and talking to 500 people in the meeting room with high profile and ranking officials.

Then, they are all the tips that I just read from books and I would like to share to those who would like to be inspired all the time as you don’t want to delay your work.

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